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About Us

Chris DiRoma believes that preventative alternative approaches to health and putting together a program to help meet personal health and beauty goals is the best way to live.


Chris is a graduate of West Virginia University and moved from Pennsylvania to Colorado in the late 1980s. Chris began his career in the health food and supplement industry in the early 1990s. During that time, Chris was the National Sales Manager for a sports nutrition company as well as independent nutritional consultant.

Chris then moved to sunny Florida and brought a relatively unknown vitamin company to prominence in that market. With over 25 years in the natural products industry, Chris now represents industry leaders in essential categories which makes work both challenging and fun. He also focuses on proven products with niche markets that emphasize education and excellent customer service.

Chris is currently working with Herb Pharm, MRM, and Nordic Naturals in order to help people maximize their health and lead the best life possible.

For more information or to contact Chris, please call 727-743-4342 or email him at

Tony DiRoma spent time in the Natural Products industry in the late 90′s before returning to his finance roots. Longing for the kind of strong relationships he had built with retailers in the past he began helping big brother Chris in an administrative capacity in 2005.

Tony began splitting time between office and field duties in the fall of 2009. As most people know, he is a Pennsylvanian who loves his time spent in the warm Florida sun. When not in Pennsylvania, you will find Tony in Central and Northern Florida. Make sure you are getting the best deal possible for your store by keeping in contact with him.

For more information or to contact Tony, please call 954-540-4553 or email him at